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                                      發布于:2023-07-29 09:45:47  來源:http://www.invinergy.com

                                      The fully automatic stubble drying machine is a new type of brewing equipment with fast speed and high efficiency. It can automatically add water, lower the curve, discharge the material, stir evenly, and achieve ideal cooling effect. Each cooling machine is composed of a bending device, which is one of the most important devices in the cooling machine. The bending device is located at the bottom of the cooling stubble machine, forming a collection effect on the leakage of material at the discharge port, thereby saving materials and avoiding waste.
                                      1. A curved basket is installed directly below the discharge port of the curved material hopper of the ground cooling machine and above the transmission chain at the bottom of the cooling machine;
                                      2. The two ends of the connecting basket are respectively fixed on the crossbeam of the cooling machine bracket;
                                      3. The connecting basket is a folded protective plate that is lifted at one end;
                                      4. And the lifting end of the folded protective plate is equipped with an adjusting bolt to adjust the folded height of the connecting basket on the crossbeam;
                                      5. A collection structure is formed by connecting the curved basket to collect the leaked material in the discharge port of the adding curved hopper.
                                      The fully automatic stubble drying machine has more obvious advantages compared to the original stubble cutting machine. The automatic stubble cooling machine is developed on the basis of the original stubble cutting machine. The original stubble cutting machine takes 40-50 minutes to cool the stubble, while the upgraded automatic stubble cutting machine only takes about 20 minutes, greatly reducing time, improving efficiency, and shortening working time.
                                      By using a fully automatic stubble drying machine, the leaked stubble from the cooling stubble mesh can directly fall into the stainless steel box designed for this machine. After cleaning, it can be used in the sink, making cleaning simple and eliminating waste and environmental pollution. Before installation, the workshop floor does not require any preparation work. It can also be moved and used as needed.