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                                      (1) Equipment cleaning
                                      Before using the new equipment, it should be cleaned, otherwise the first few pots of wine will have bitter and evil taste. The cleaning parts include: the inner side of the cooking pot, the inner side of the alcohol adjustable pot cover, the inner side of the air duct of the inner tank and the inner tank of the cooler.
                                      Cleaning method: first rinse with clean water, then brush with detergent, and then rinse with clean water repeatedly. For places that can't be washed, such as the inner liner of the pot passage, the inner liner of the air duct and the inner liner of the cooler, the alcohol content can be adjusted. The inner tank of the pot cover with adjustable alcohol content is repeatedly rinsed with water pipe from the top and bottom for several times, and the inner tank of the cooler is repeatedly rinsed with water pipe extending to each part of the inner tank.
                                      The equipment should be thoroughly cleaned every six months, at most one year, or after shutdown for a period of time. After each use of the equipment, the inside of the cooking pot and the inside of the alcohol adjustable pot cover should be cleaned before use.
                                      The new equipment is after welding and then add oxide film protection layer, and inside installed Chenbao, it is best to steam twice water to clean.
                                      (2) Equipment installation
                                      1. Cooking
                                      Use heat-resistant brick (such as earthen brick, not cement brick) and sand to build a square and round stove. The inner diameter of the stove is about 5cm smaller than that of the equipment cooking pot. The height of the stove depends on the fuel. The principle is easy to burn, fast heating in the cooking pot, large heating surface and uniform heating. Otherwise, the distillation time will be prolonged. There are two layers in the stove. The upper layer is filled with fuel and the lower layer is ventilated with air and slag leakage. Coal as fuel, to be equipped with a small blower.
                                      2. Installation
                                      The cooking pot is placed on the stove, 3-6cm into the stove, and the surrounding of the pot is sealed with the stove. A distiller's grains discharge pipe is installed on the cooking pot, and a water valve (switch) is installed on the outer end of the pipe. The cooking pot must be placed flat, otherwise the water in the sink will not be sealed due to the different depth of the water. Put an adjustable lid on the cooking pot, connect the air duct on the lid, and connect the cooler with the other end of the air duct. Under the cooler is the bearing (iron frame, brick pier, etc.), and under the outlet of the cooler is the bearing.
                                      There are three small pipes in the cooler. After pouring water from the top, the pipe with water flowing out is the wine outlet pipe. In the other two pipes, the water inlet pipe is below and the water outlet pipe is above. Connect the water inlet pipe with the water pump with a soft cooked rubber pipe, and cover the water pipe with another soft cooked rubber pipe, extending the other end of the pipe to the drainage ditch (when the alcohol level needs to be adjusted, it is connected with the water inlet of the pot cover with adjustable alcohol level).
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