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                                      Clay container
                                      The clay container is made of clay, which has been tempered at a high temperature of more than 1000 degrees Celsius. It has its own organic matter and other gas components, and has small pores as evidenced by the tempering. The small pores maintain the air permeability of Tao can Jun, which makes the wine contact with the air and produce oxidation reaction. The pungent and dry ingredients in the wine evaporate through the pores.
                                      Clay container king, with "gold" on his body, contains metal ions beneficial to the aging of new wine, enters into the new wine, dispels the taste of new wine, and makes the wine soft and sweet. Although this clay container is expensive and easy to break, most people still like it.
                                      Blood container
                                      The blood material container is made of wattle or bamboo strips, pasted with multilayer mulberry paper and coated with blood material. The blood material is a kind of plastic protein colloidal salt made of animal blood (mostly pig blood) and lime. This protein and colloidal salt form a semi permeable film without alcohol permeation, which has the function of impermeable protection for more than 30 degree Baijiu and has a good effect on the quality of liquor.
                                      Blood containers can be made from local materials. However, it is easy to change the color of wine if it is stored in blood container for a long time.
                                      Metal container
                                      With the development of smelting technology, all kinds of steel and metal appliances are emerging. Stainless steel and other metal containers come into the vision of wine enterprises. Metal containers, especially stainless steel containers, are easy to make, large capacity and strong. However, due to the uneven materials of stainless steel used, there are different problems in the aging of wine, such as being easy to be corroded, polluting the wine body, causing wine discoloration and producing harmful substances.
                                      Some excellent stainless steel materials will not have such problems, but because of its closed space, the wine aging time is longer than the clay container.
                                      Glass container
                                      Glass container, the longest container for storing wine on the market, is also the most choice for families to store wine. Glass container has low price, stable chemical properties, but no pores, which can not accelerate the aging of wine. Moreover, due to the light transmittance of glass container, it is more necessary to avoid light in the storage environment.
                                      Wooden container
                                      Wooden containers, as we have heard, are bamboo. However, plants generally have poor air tightness, and are easy to run away from wine. Moreover, they are corroded by alcohol, and they are perishable. Wooden containers don't have to be considered.
                                      Stone container
                                      Stone containers, most of which are in coastal areas, are made of local materials and are easy to be mined. However, some harmful substances in the stone are easy to dissociate and also do not have air permeability. The materials of the stone materials are different. If the structure is a little loose, it is easy to collapse and is not suitable for long-term storage.
                                      Cement pool
                                      Once used by a winery, but it was eliminated. The harmful substances in the cement are easy to be justified. In addition, the insecurity of the coating may cause harm to the drinker's body and mind.
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