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                                      Of course, the price of brewing equipment we are talking about here is not simply "how much money I spent", but "whether it is worth it or not".


                                      Before purchasing brewing equipment, newcomers must pay attention to the following two points to avoid being deceived!


                                      1、 There are hidden mysteries in the model, and you must know these three major selection traps!


                                      1. Model size.

                                      同樣是200型釀酒設備,有的指容量200L ,有的指可裝200斤水,而有的指可投料200 斤糧食的發酵液。

                                      The same 200 type brewing equipment, some refer to a capacity of 200L, some refer to a capacity of 200 kilograms of water, and some refer to a fermentation liquid that can feed 200 kilograms of grain.


                                      2. Is it a direct burning equipment or a steam heating equipment for the same 2-piece set?

                                      3、是2件套雙層蒸汽加熱設備,還是3件套鍋爐式蒸汽加熱設備,又或是需要自己配鍋爐的蒸汽加熱設備 ?

                                      3. Is it a 2-piece set of double-layer steam heating equipment, a 3-piece set of boiler type steam heating equipment, or a steam heating equipment that requires a boiler to be equipped by oneself?

                                      千萬不要聽到“蒸汽加熱”這4個字就以為它們結構是一樣的,因蒸汽加熱包括 2件套雙層蒸汽加熱的和3件套鍋爐式蒸汽加熱的。

                                      Do not assume that the four words "steam heating" have the same structure, as steam heating includes two sets of double-layer steam heating and three sets of boiler steam heating.


                                      Some manufacturers, in order to confuse the public, also claim that their equipment is steam heated, but in reality, you need to install an additional boiler to use it.


                                      Here are the key knowledge points to focus on:


                                      A 2-piece steam heating device takes more than twice the time to steam a pot of wine for the same size of equipment compared to a 3-piece steam heating device.



                                      2、 Compare the material thickness, internal structure, and steaming speed of equipment under the same structure.


                                      The cost incurred by the manufacturer for the same 3-piece equipment varies depending on the thickness of the material and internal structure used, resulting in different prices.


                                      When purchasing boiler type steam heating brewing equipment, these two points should be particularly noted:


                                      1. The number of heating tubes in the boiler, the material and thickness of the heating tubes.


                                      For example, if some manufacturers have fewer heating pipes in their boilers and some are very thin seam steel pipes, then the price of their brewing equipment will definitely be cheap.


                                      2. The structure and cooling effect of the cooler.


                                      Is the device you have chosen tube cooling or wall+tube dual cooling? The contact area between the cooler and cooling water is not large. Is the distilled wine cold or hot?


                                      The condenser is connected by multiple pipes and is equipped with a pressurized exhaust pipe at the bottom. Its function is: 1. It has a large contact area with cooling water and a fast cooling speed; 2. Automatically maintain fragrance and eliminate odors.