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                                      發布于:2024-02-13 21:07:17  來源:http://www.invinergy.com


                                      Baijiu brewing depends on technology for 7 points and equipment for 3 points. Distillation equipment is an indispensable tool for making Baijiu. No matter what method of fermentation is adopted, Baijiu is obtained through distillation. Good equipment has high liquor yield and good liquor quality.



                                      In ancient times and even now, some small workshops still use Tianguo made of wooden steamers to distill Baijiu. The various parts of the equipment used for making wooden steamers are spliced together, inevitably with gaps and poor sealing at the connection points, making it easy for air leakage. The pressure and temperature need to be maintained by continuously maintaining high heat, which consumes fuel and has a low alcohol production rate. The quantity of wooden steamer is also relatively small, and if the lid is opened multiple times to enter and exit the material, the aroma of the wine will evaporate and cannot be well preserved.


                                      Traditional equipment uses firewood to directly steam and cook grain. If the grain sinks to the bottom and is not stirred properly, it will become burnt in the pot, and the burnt taste will affect the quality of the wine. The circulating cooling device is also not good, and even if the distilled liquor is cooled, it will reduce the alcohol yield.

                                      由于時代的進步,科技的發展,人們通過不斷的實踐設計出了越來越合理的設備了。經過改進的設備出酒快、出酒率高、酒的 品質也提高了?,F在的釀酒設備通過焊接等使個部件能很好的連接在一起,密封性變好了,冷卻設備好酒蒸汽出來后迅速降溫損失就少,收集道德酒液就多。酒在加熱到78度的時候就開始沸騰了,水的沸點比酒的高,隨著溫度的不斷增加后面水開始產生蒸汽酒液就會被稀釋,冷卻系統好了,酒液出來后及時冷凝,可以減少水分的混雜。

                                      Due to the progress of the times and the development of technology, people have designed increasingly reasonable equipment through continuous practice. The improved equipment has fast wine production, high wine production rate, and improved wine quality. Nowadays, brewing equipment can connect various components together through welding and other means, resulting in better sealing. The cooling equipment quickly cools down and reduces losses after the steam of good wine comes out, and collects more ethical wine. When the wine is heated to 78 degrees, it begins to boil. The boiling point of water is higher than that of wine. As the temperature continues to increase, the water begins to produce steam and the wine will be diluted. With a good cooling system, the wine will condense in time after it comes out, which can reduce the mixing of water.


                                      The distillation equipment has been improved to accommodate more materials. Increasing the amount of material added at once can save time, labor, and improve sealing. The steam heat can be fully utilized without gas leakage, saving fuel. By using steam heating to separate water, the material does not come into contact with the bottom of the pot, which can avoid burning the pot. It is also possible to install a thermometer on the equipment to better control the time for receiving wine based on temperature comparison with boiling point for different substances.