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                                      In recent years, foreign liquor has continuously entered the domestic market and has also been sought after and loved by a large wave of consumers in China. However, the market demand for Baijiu has not decreased, and the demand for Baijiu is still very large, especially in our domestic banquets, Baijiu is a must for hot scenes. At the same time, the love of Baijiu lovers will not weaken, and their storage of Baijiu is increasing. So, what is used to brew Baijiu and produce Baijiu? Naturally, it is Baijiu brewing equipment.


                                      The brewing equipment is easy to operate, even beginners without any brewing experience can easily learn without spending too much time and money on learning. At the same time, both the raw ma

                                      20220310115727627.pngterials and the brewing process can be completed by one or two people, without the need for multiple people to participate, saving manpower.


                                      What are the advantages of brewing equipment? 1、 The investment is small, and the price of brewing equipment is moderate, but the return on investment during the production process is high, resulting in higher product prices. Secondly, it takes up little space and does not require a large factory building. Production can be carried out in small rooms of several tens of square meters. Thirdly, the process is simple, the equipment is easy to operate, and easy to start. Fourth, the market demand for Baijiu is large and the prospect is good. Fifth, Baijiu has storage value. The longer Baijiu is collected, the higher the price.


                                      Many people don't know how big the brewing equipment is for them when they choose it. In fact, there are many types of Baijiu brewing equipment, ranging from large ones to small ones, among which only a few kilograms of grain can be loaded at a time, which is suitable for people to drink when they are bored. This can burn gas. If you have leisure, you can also build a small stove, which is very convenient.


                                      There is also a mini household brewing equipment, which is much larger than the previous one. It can hold dozens of kilograms of grain at once. If you can't finish drinking it yourself, you can take it to give to your family and friends. If you want to sell it in the market, you can also see if you have bought it. But you need to remember one thing, when doing this, the amount should be moderate, and then it will be much more convenient when you burn it again. This type can also be used to burn gas, firewood, or coal. It is very convenient for you to choose whichever type you like, and it is also a good choice for home brewing.


                                      The small workshop can choose the Baijiu brewing equipment of 100kg. Among them, it is worth recommending the "steam with heat sink" type. It is said that this brewing equipment does not need to worry about the pot burning, just like traditional brewing equipment, nor does it have a bad taste. It can improve the quality of the wine, and the same taste and yield will also increase. This is the choice for small workshop brewing.