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                                      發布于:2019-07-08 18:47:01  來源:http://www.invinergy.com

                                        Fully automatic stubble cooler is a brewing equipment for cold mixing stubble, adding liquor and koji liquor mixture. Working time is short, resources are very economical, and materials are automatically added and unloaded, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and eliminates food waste. The parts in contact with the particles are all high quality stainless steel. When in use, the stubble passes through the conveyor belt, and the fan works at the same time of crushing and stirring, and quickly cools. After cooling, stubble and koji are automatically mixed in the feeding device. The utility model improves the cooling effect of the stubble automatic cooler, reduces energy consumption, solves the accumulation and blockage of the existing equipment itself, sells the stubble automatic cooler directly, and realizes the automatic mixing of the stubble and the liquor koji.
                                        Fully automatic stubble cooler
                                        Before installation, it is necessary to dig holes, build walls and arrange dirty pipes. Use automatic stubble cooler. The cold stubble net leaks directly into the stainless steel box designed by the machine. After cleaning, it can be fully used in the pool. Before installation, there is no need for any preparation on the floor of the workshop. It can also be used and moved as needed.
                                        These are the related contents of the automatic stubble cooler for you. For more information, please visit the website: http://www.invinergy.com.