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                                      發布于:2019-06-15 10:15:11  來源:http://www.invinergy.com

                                        China currently has about 20,000 vending machines, which is a small number in a country with 1.3 billion people. Every 25 people in Japan own a vending machine, compared with 50-60 in the United States and 50-120 in Europe.
                                        The emergence of vending machines has changed our traditional liquor sales form and accelerated the arrival of the era of liquor sales O2 O.
                                        Wine vending machines have room to store wine, so they can buy the lowest number of wines to meet the needs of consumers. Intelligent liquor vending machine eliminates luxury packaging, eliminates the agent link in liquor sales, and will bring users a new consumption experience.
                                        Our Five Advantages
                                        1. 根據需要使用
                                        1. Use as needed
                                        The existence of automatic wine vending machine solves the problem of bringing wine. Consumers will take it when they need it in restaurants. They don't need to open the whole bottle and worry about the disposal of scattered wine.
                                        2. 它的速度非???/div>
                                        2. It's very fast.
                                        Alipay scan payment, instant automatic take the wine machine to take wine.
                                        3. High cost performance
                                        The vending machine eliminates the layers of intermediaries in liquor sales, logistics costs, management and operation costs, greatly reduces market costs and cost savings, is much lower than the price of similar products on the market, and has a higher cost performance ratio.
                                        4. Ensuring the Roots of Fake Wine
                                        The source of wine we use is the original cellar liquor of the first-line liquor enterprises. There is no packaging. Every drop of wine has been strictly verified by the users, and it is 100% reliable.
                                        5. 低碳
                                        5. Low-carbon environmental protection
                                        The vending machine completes the shortest interval from the consumption line to the dining table, greatly reduces the turnover cost and complex packaging, saves social and natural energy, and is a model of low-carbon environmental protection.